What is the Karma Launcher?

The Karma Launcher is a tool that can launch an application. The classes needed by the application are loaded through a KarmaClassLoader called karma.root. This ClassLoader is available through the KarmaClassLoaderRepository. The KarmaClassLoaderRepository can contain several classloaders. These classloaders are independent of eachother. The Karma Launcher gives an application the opportunity to execute/invoke other java applications inside a single virtual machine, without clashes between versions of jars used by these applications. The jars needed by the application are automatically downloaded from a remote repository and stored locally.

Karma Launcher Configuration

The Karma Launcher needs/allows several configuration items.

  • KarmaClassLoaderRepository configuration
  • The configuration of the remote repositories.
  • The configuration of the local repositories.

KarmaClassLoaderRepository configuration.


LocalRepository configuration.

RemoteRepository configuration.