Feature List

The following listing shows most, if not all, of Karma's features. For clarity, they've been structured in a number of categories.

Building and Packaging

Although not Karma's unique selling point, we have implemented a sophisticated build and package system, fully tailored to the way Karma manages software modules.

  • Java code is built and packaged on a per module basis, inherently ensuring that no circular dependencies can exist between two or more modules.
  • Source code compilation with javac and jikes.

Structural Features

Karma helps in structuring source code, modularization and componentization.

  • Four main types of modules, each with a standardized directory structure.
  • Working contexts allow for and organized structure of software projects, one for each client ... or project. The amount of working contexts is unlimited.

User Interface Features

There is fancy no graphical user interface, but the command-line and the console will do just fine.

  • Help system; each command is well-documented.
  • Commands can have any number of aliasses; users can implement their own favourites.

Developer Features

  • Clearly documented Java API allowing developers to extend the system.
  • It is easy to create plugins to extend Karma with your own commands.