Current Status

We are currently working on Karma R1.0. A lot of glitches have to be fixed, but we are getting there. Stay tuned.

The current - most stable - release is karma-1-0-beta6. This release is currently being tested heavily by a number of developers on different platforms.

Our first real-life implementation is underway. A major software product company in The Netherlands is well underway to be the first in the world to implement Karma. The toolset is implemented for a mere 50 developers, release coordinators and maintenance personnel. We will ask them to post a testimony on this website the moment they've gone life.

Silently our one year anniversary on has gone by. Activity has been minimal lately. However, development has been picked up today (18 Jan 2005) and R1.0 will be out soon. Strategy meetings are being planned, conference talks will be pursued and our first implementation is going to happen this year. So, keep watching this place!